There aren’t many things that we can all agree on. 

From pop culture to politics, we’ve all got different opinions on different things.

The one thing we can all agree on though, is that we want to be safe or at least live somewhere that’s relatively safe.

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Iowa Is A Great Place To Live

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If you’re considering making the move out to Iowa, there are some very good reasons to do so.

From the sprawling farmland to the various culturally rich towns here, there’s quite a lot going here for the Hawkeye State.

One of our towns was even named one of the most beautiful springtime destinations in the entire country.

Read more about that here!

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Iowa is also widely considered one of the safest places to live in America.

This state has a lower violent crime rate than the national average, according to reports.

Iowa actually has the twelfth-lowest violent crime rate and seventh-lowest property crime rate in the US.

However, for every good thing about our home, there is destined to be some bad.

Most Dangerous Places In Iowa

Also, side note…

The most dangerous places in Iowa are still vastly safer than places all across the country. put together a list of the most dangerous cities in Iowa. This info is based off of data from the FBI. 

Specifically, they compared the violent and property crimes per capita for cities in Iowa that have a population over 5,000.

Also, just a bit of a caveat here…

Due to the nature of cities just having more people, crimes rates are obviously going to be higher than a one stoplight town.

Let’s proceed…

The List...

Here are the top ten most dangerous cities in the state. There are always good people in every city, especially Iowa.

So, let’s give these cities some grace when it comes to this ranking.

  1. Clinton
  2. Ottumwa
  3. Davenport
  4. Burlington
  5. Des Moines
  6. Keokuk
  7. Grinnell
  8. Fort Dodge
  9. Sioux City
  10. Waterloo

What do you think about this? Do you agree with the list?

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