This is 2019, certainly "Human Resources" will let you getaway with this right? Or not...

If you participate in this holiday, you'll almost certainly get fired and might even get arrested. And I'm not sure saying, "But the Internet says it's a holiday" will hold up in court.

Apparently, today (Oct. 23rd) is National Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day. Have you ever had the urge to do this? In today's culture, this behavior obviously wouldn't fly, but it's fun to think about! Maybe, give them a "mental" slap! Maybe they talk too much, or maybe it's what they're talking about (their kids, pets, etc...) or maybe they microwave a stinky lunch every day. Do they take credit for your work? "Brown nose" the boss? Whatever the reason, there's no word on whether anyone's ever ACTUALLY taken advantage of the holiday as a chance to slap a hey, you could be the first. I'm sure you'll have fun in the unemployment line. But, I'm sure it'll be well worth it!

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