Based on how often you hear people pitching a fit about their job, you'd think 100% of people are miserable at work. It turns out that the opposite is true, oddly enough.

According to a new survey from Wrike, 88% of Americans say they're actually happy at their job, and that includes more than one out of six people who say they're elated at their job.

The happiest workers generally have good relationships with their boss, feel 'strongly' connected to their company's mission, work at diverse places, take longer lunches, and go to social events like happy hours with their coworkers.

However, those same happier workers also leave work more often. Happier workers take longer lunches and enjoy outside-work events.

A few more random things we learned from the Wrike study, men are far more luckily to curse at work (HA!) and the happiest workers report greater diversity in their offices. No word on the impact of a really, really good snack machine. For me, that's key.