I loved Valentine's Day as a kid! I always got 12 or 13 cards (one from each of my fellow student), I got to eat sugary candies and hearts with random phrases I didn't understand, and so much chocolate! It was almost like Halloween without all the work of walking with a cumbersome plastic mask on.

Fast forward to 2020 and one Iowa school district has dropped the hammer on any Valentine's celebrations. This according to a report from CBS 2 Iowa.

Officials in the Waukee, Iowa district have taken both parent and educator feedback to heart (hehe, get it?). Both say the holiday has become less popular, plus coming up with ideas for celebrating is stressful and time-consuming, especially for teachers.

The Waukee district still plans on holding some sort of 'love celebration' in the springtime, that they hope is more inclusive than a traditional Valentine's Day party.

"Our motto in Waukee is 'give love.' And, we've had that model for three years," Waukee CSD Communications Director Amy Varcoe said. "And so a lot of what will happen in our buildings on that day are cards for retirement communities, our law enforcement police, fire, military and teaching our students how to give back in a big way."

Halloween and Christmas parties have become less popular in schools due to religious beliefs, among other reasons, but apparently, Valentine's Day parties could be the next to get the boot. Do your kids celebrate the holiday at school? Do you think the Cedar Valley should do something similar? I for one would hope my kid could enjoy the same experience I did one day.

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(Via CBS2)

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