Last summer we talked about the 10 questions you should never ask someone from Iowa and how you kind of get used to people making fun of our state. As mentioned in the article, that whole "Iowa nice" thing? It's real, but don't turn on us, or we'll turn on you like a tornado in May.

That being said, if you're moving to our great state or even if you're just visiting, we have a list of "rules" to live by. Sure, I could list a bunch of serious advice, but that would be boring. Here's the stuff you really need to know to become one of "us". If you follow this list, you'll fit right in, make friends, and won't get hurt and even better yet, stay alive. One last thing, don't make fun of us when we say "ope", we can't help it.

Here's a list of "Things You Should Never Do In Iowa". (scroll down)

Things You Should Never Do In Iowa

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