Growing up and living in Iowa you kind of get used to people making fun of our great state. Whatever, it comes with the territory. However, it can get annoying.

Most of the nation looks at Iowa as "fly over country", as they fly from coast to coast. When they look down from the plane, all they see is cornfields. Sure, 88 of our 99 counties are considered "rural" and we sure have a lot of small towns. But what's wrong with that? Friendly neighbors? Short commute times? Low crime rate? In all reality, what they're NOT seeing is Iowa being a leader in cutting edge technology (have you seen the inside of a tractor lately?) that feeds the world. Their stereotypical minds see cows and pigs roaming the prairie. What we see, are some of the hardest working, nicest people you'll ever meet.

So let's explore some myths and misconceptions about the state with the Top 10 questions you should never ask someone from Iowa. (scroll down)

10 Questions You Should Never Ask Somebody From Iowa

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