Numerous Cedar Valley businesses are giving employees more money, and/or hiring additional staff.

Kwik Star's (Kwik Trip, Inc.) CEO sent a letter to the companies over 25,000 workers that informed them of temporary raises as they work through the historic COVID-19 pandemic. Hourly Iowa Kwik Star employees will now receive an extra two dollars per hour for their time worked between March 13th and April 23rd. Store leaders and drivers will also gain an additional $100 per week for their work during that same time frame.

Meanwhile, Fareway announced:

A one-time cash bonus will be paid to hourly employees under the age of 18. Part-time hourly employees 18 and over will receive an additional 20 hours of paid time-off; full-time hourly employees will receive an additional 40 hours of paid time-off, and assistant managers and warehouse foremen will each receive an additional 47 hours of paid time off.

Employees can use the time-off or exchange it for a cash payment.

And earlier this week, both Target and Walmart announced were also giving temporary raises.

Meanwhile, HyVee is looking to add temporary employees to ease the strain on their current workforce. In addition, employees are also in line for a 10% bonus.

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