It's no secret that the weather has sucked in Iowa over the last week. I mean, we had a Wind Chill Advisory Issued for the entire state, a snowplow that had trouble in the conditions, and despite the fact the earth was the closest to the sun, it was still so cold. It makes you wonder how the hell natives stayed warm in this. And it's not just the Hawkeye State.

I mean, take a brief glance at this map of temperatures across the country from It's relatively chilly everywhere, but especially in the midwest.

And animals feel the full effect of the temperatures as well. Though many of the creatures native to the area have evolved in one way or another to stay warm over the winter months, some need a bit of extra love and care. Some are also a little bit high maintenance.

I imagine those animals being of the pet variety -- I still remember our family dog, an eight-pound Peekapoo (Pekingese and Poodle mix), only being able to be outside for two-minute stretches.

We had to scoop a small area out for him to go to the bathroom, otherwise, he'd just come back in and pee on the carpet. He also probably would have gotten lost in a mound of snow had we not.

It's not just pets, though. This flock of ducks in Hillsdale Lake, Kansas took a few steps outside their confinement today and said 'Yeah, uh, no. It's too cold for this sh*t.'

Take a look:

It was 11 degrees Fahrenheit there today.

Duck that, amirite?

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