The first big snow (and rain and ice) of the 2021-2022 winter finally hit eastern Iowa today. For those of you who had to travel to work -- I hope you're not reading this from the ditch.

According to KCRG and morning meteorologist Kaj O'Mara, this was predicted:

While snow totals are expected to be light to moderate, it’s important to remember that only small amounts of snow and ice can cause issues on area roads. Be particularly mindful of this today as this is the first winter event for most areas. The precipitation will probably be out of here by mid-afternoon and when it’s all done a general 2-4″ snowfall is likely over northeast Iowa with less than that farther south toward Iowa City. Another system is still set to move into the area tomorrow afternoon and evening which may bring additional light snow.

I drove in it this morning. I can tell you that Kaj isn't messing around. It is slippery as frick out there.

Don't believe me? You might ask the driver of this snow plow in the Quad Cities, then:

KWQC TV shared it on their Facebook page this morning.

It wasn't just in the Quad Cities and the eastern side of the Hawkeye State, either!

A few storms went through the central part of the state, and we can expect more as the week progresses. At least according to Local 5 ABC News in Des Moines:

Should the icy road conditions continue, be sure to follow these steps to keep you, and your passengers safe. This is from The Carlson Law Firm:

1. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter driving.


2. Pay attention to the weather.


3. Slow down.


4. Turn into a slide.


5. Wear your seatbelt.


6. Be gentle with braking.


7. Be aware of your surroundings.


8. The most important tip about driving on icy roads is don’t.

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