I am sure you have heard of a full moon before, I mean one happens every month of the year (and if you didn't know that well congratulations you learned something new today)., but have you heard of a full beaver moon? Well, you are about too.

Tuesday's  full moon is a special full moon. Actually every full moon is a special full moon because each one has a nickname that corresponds to the season. January is the "Wolf Moon," March is the "Worm Moon," April is the "Pink Moon," etc. So what does November's "Beaver Moon" mean exactly? Well, it basically is significant of when the colonists and the Algonquin Native Americans set beaver traps to confirm they will have furs for the winter before the land freezes over.

The "Beaver Moon" is also a time for a new beginning as full moons signify renewal, the "Beaver Moon" is a time to clear out your space before winter. If you are brave enough to stand in the cold tonight and try to see a glimpse of the "Beaver Moon" to get your new beginning the peak of the full moon will be at 7:34 A.M CT but the best times to see it will be tonight or after sunset on Tuesday the 12th.

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