1.  Tech-related... things which includes how to use their smart phones, how to use emojis, how to use their DVR, how to get their Wi-Fi to work, how to play video games, how to use social media, who the latest YouTubers are, and how to download music. Oh, and of course they need to know what hashtags are.

2.  Pop culture this include the words to "Let It Go" from "Frozen"  what "YOLO" is all about, and other slang terms mean the names of Disney princesses  the names of superheroes how to do the "Floss" dance and who the latest YouTuber is. You know, the IMPORTANT stuff in life.

3.  Self-improvement stuff, this one includes how to be more adventurous, how to respect and look after the planet, and how to conquer their fear of trying new things.


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