Most of the time when we pick our careers it is not usually based off of the amount of money we will be making, or at least that is not/should not be the sole reason you choose a specific career. Most of us are choosing a career that will make us happy and feel accomplished or satisfied in our lives, filling a void that needs to be doing something. However, sometimes it is nice to have that little extra money.

It is almost the end of 2018 and if you are looking for a career change either because of fulfillment or money, then I have some suggestions for you. Business Insider came out with the highest paying jobs of 2018 and no surprise, the medical field took the top 3 spots. If you are cool with blood and guts then maybe this is the new career for you! If not, take a look at the other 25 jobs in the article below.

Basically, if your job is not on the list, apparently, we all need to be reevaluating our life choices for 2019. Honestly, just be happy with where you’re at but it never hurts to look!

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