Most years, having a culinary disaster at the holidays would be... well, a disaster. Your mother in law might be unimpressed. The kids may moan and groan. Hy-Vee may not be an option 'cuz it's hard to sneak out unnoticed. But in 2020, the year itself is the disaster so, don't sweat it if you bomb making a pie, or drop the turkey in the bathroom. Okay, maybe if it's dropped in the bathroom we have issues.

Pepsi wants to celebrate those little kitchen mishaps. They're introducing a new flavor that tastes like a true holiday fav: apple pie. I'd imagine it will have hints of apple, cinnamon and... crust? Might be really good poured over vanilla ice-cream, too. What does this have to do with mishaps in the kitchen? Well, you can't walk into Casey's and grab an apple pie Pepsi. The only way to get a bottle is to actually win one. You'll need to send a photo of one of your baking disasters to Pepsi on Twitter or TikTok. But hurry and goof something up because only the first 1,500 people will get a free two-liter bottle.

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