In 2009, the Lingerie Football League came into existence.

In 2013, the Lingerie Football League changed its name to the Legends Football League.

Skip ahead to a few weeks ago the Legends Football League revealed that it was not going to return for the 2020 season. Alas, earlier this week, it was announced it would be back…but under a new name….again, as the Extreme Football League, or X League. (not to be confused with the XFL)

According to, the game will feature ladies battling on a 70-yard field in 7-on-7 full-contact tackle football.

The X League will include eight (8) teams: the Seattle Thunder, Los Angeles Black Storm, Austin Sound, Denver Rush, Chicago Blitz, Atlanta Empire, Nashville Knights, and Omaha Red Devils.

The inaugural season of the X League will kick off in April and will conclude with the first-ever X Cup in mid-September.

Credit: Legends Football League via YouTube

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