Got away with it, too.

Before Netflix and online gaming, my friends and I had to sit down with our kid brains and figure out what we were going to do for fun. It was near the holiday season so decorations were all out in people's yards and we knew that one of our girlfriends had those light up reindeer (like the one pictured above) displayed in their yard.

So we drove over to her house and there were 2 reindeer in the yard and a buddy and I... let's just say... "positioned the reindeer to make it look like they were REALLY enjoying the holiday season." Then at school on Monday, she comes right up me and says, "Was it you that mounted the reindeer in our yard?!" I couldn't lie so I just fessed up to the prank so as I'm waiting for the backlash, she tells me that when they got home that night and saw the reindeer in their yard, she said, "My mom laughed SO HARD!" So I'm like WHEW, got away with it. My friend even said that as soon as she saw the reindeer that the first person who came to mind was "Neuman!" (Which I think is unfair. Yes, I was the one who pulled off the prank but I had never even heard of this prank but all my friends knew about it. I was just a soldier taking orders.)

THEN, 2 months later in the middle of February, the night of our high school's winter formal, the whole gang and our parents were at the same girl's house for pictures before dinner. After all of us kids leave, her parents tell my parents about the prank. The next morning, I'm sitting on the couch telling my mom about the formal when she says the worst words a kid can hear, "I know what you did." My mom then tells me the story of my friend's mom retelling their night as they come home to see their Christmas lawn ornaments in a very suggestive pose. Now I'm waiting for THAT backlash when my mom finishes the story by saying, "I don't think I've ever seen your father laugh that hard before." WHEW! Got away with it AGAIN!

The moral of the story is if a prank if funny and not mean, there's a greater chance you'll get away it... but less of a chance Santa comes.

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