This is Iowa, we're suppose to LOADED with UFO encounters, right? I mean, crops = crop circles, no? Well, each year in this country, the National UFO Reporting Center compiles a list of UFO sightings. Last year in Iowa, there were almost 30 of them, like the one in Davenport where the reporter said, 'Exiting highway 61 on to Interstate 280 and saw a light and was traveling low and very fast. It was not a falling star for it was traveling horizontally and was moving way faster than a plane.'

Follow this link and simply do a browser search (Control + F on most PC's) to find all the ones in the Cedar Valley! There's been 40 in Waterloo alone, and almost 30 more in Cedar Falls since the service began.

Here's a gem from 8/25/2007:

I was driving home from work traveling North-West. The road is full of curves, so my direction would change a bit, but my house is North-West of my employer. I got off work at 05:30 AM. As I was driving home, I noticed 3 lights, that looked just like stars all in a strait line at an angle. I never saw this before in this part of the sky. I was trying to look as I was driving, but it was difficult. I only live 5 minutes from work. When I arrived home, I went to my back yard and looked for the three stars. They had moved to a triangle formation, but were in about the same location in the sky. I did not see them move. They were very tiny, and looked as if they were small stars. The light from them was bright white. Then as I was watching them, just sitting still, to my right was one that was traveling towards the others. It looked exactly like the other three, except that this one was moving and I didn't whiteness the others moving except that I noticed that they had changed formation from the last time I seen them. This one continued to move until it was close to the others, then stopped... I do not drink, nor do I do any drugs. I am mentally sane. I am not into comic books, or a star wars/star trek fan. I have never seen anything like this before. I have seen shooting stars before many times, and this was not one of them.

Despite the claim, hard to believe alcohol or something... stronger... wasn't involved. Check out the site if you need a time killer. You'll be glad you did!

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