The reason we shop on Black Friday is for deals. Or because we have a fetish of getting punched in the face over a laptop. Ouch. My jaw still hurts from last year...

By now, pretty much every store's Black Friday ad has leaked. So the website WalletHub analyzed them and figured out the average discount that every store is offering.

The average discount is 37% off across all stores, which is down from 40.2% just three years ago. But it's just about the same as last year.

The best deals were stores offering over half off on certain items. Sadly, many aren't around the Cedar Valley. And by the time you pay for gas, you'd probably come out behind. The stores with an average over 50% off and are in the Cedar Valley are: Kohl's and Payless. If you don't mind traveling a bit, check out JC Penney too.

The store with the worst discount is True Value hardware stores, at just 16.3%.

The other stores with an average discount under 25% that are in the area are: Ace Hardware, and Sam's Club.

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