Whether you are buying bags of candy to get ready for the trick-or-treaters or buying it just to eat yourself (no judgment, that's what I do), you are probably going to buy some of your favorites to give out because if you like it kids will too, right?

If you are on the fence about some candies and what kids will like, Thrillist is here to help!

Thrillist recently put out a list that ranked the top 30 candies in their eyes. I have to say some of these candies I have never heard of but they did preface this with candies that will bring nostalgia to some older adults plus some worldwide favorites.

The top 10 best candies are as follows:

10. Hershey's Bar

9. Reese's Pieces (yes, these are different than regular reese's)

8. Nestle Crunch

7. Mr. Goodbar

6. 100 Grand (I have never even heard of this but I think it is misleading if there is no money involved)

5. Butterfinger

4. KitKat

3. Snickers

2. Twix

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Check out the full 30 here!

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