If you come from a family of hunters, having mounted deer heads on the wall is a typical thing you’d see on a wall of your home. But you rarely see other parts of the deer’s body. Apparently, there are taxidermists out there who are turning deer butts into sasquatch/monster heads.

Presenting: The Assquatch!

An “Assquatch” is an upside-down mounted deer’s butt that’s shaped to look like a face. Much like its cousin, the Sasquatch, the Assquatch can be very hard to find. They’re not often seen or around people’s homes or in the wild.

They’re also known as ‘Swamp Boogers.’

If you are lucky enough to find one on the internet for sale, they are not cheap.

Or, you can make your own Swamp Booger / Assquatch! For around $100, you can order a taxidermy kit that comes with pre-set eyes, nose, and snap-in teeth. All you need is the butt of a deer. (Ships from Beloit, Wisconsin)

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