Caitlin Clark fever continues to spread! The #1 overall pick by the Indiana Fever is selling out arenas and Fever merchandise! Many fans who watched Clark star for the Iowa Hawkeyes will no doubt want to see her play in the WNBA. And fortunately for all of us fans, the Fever will be featured on national TV plenty this season!

The IndyStar reports that the WNBA's Indiana Fever will have 36 of their 40 games on national television through the WNBA broadcast or one of its streaming partners. That number last season? One. The Fever's 36 nationally televised games are more than the WNBA defending champion Las Vegas Aces (35) and the runner-up New York Liberty (31).

Caitlin Clark has done something that few athletes achieve. She has become a cultural figure. A celebrity. Someone that other celebs want to be around. She even managed to get Ted Lasso himself, actor Jason Sudeikis, to show up at the Wooden Award ceremony last week! He has also attended several Iowa women's basketball games. While in New York getting ready for the WNBA Draft, Clark also went on this little TV show called Saturday Night Live!

She absolutely nailed it! Not bad for your prime-time television debut! Eventually, all the attention will turn back to the basketball court. Many have questioned if Clark will struggle during her rookie season in the WNBA. One thing is for sure. Millions will tune in to watch her play at the next level. Just like her NIL deals going with her, so will her legions of fans.

Here is the TV schedule for the Indiana Fever in 2024, according to the IndyStar. Something tells me after tonight you'll need to write this down.

5/14/247:30 pm @ ConnecticutESPN 2
5/16/247 pmvs. New YorkPrime Video
5/18/241 pm@ New YorkABC
5/20/247 pmvs. ConnecticutESPN
5/22/2410 pm@ Seattle
5/24/2410 pm@ Los AngelesION
5/25/249 pm@ Las VegasNBA TV
5/28/247 pmvs. Los AngelesNBA TV
5/30/247 pmvs. SeattlePrime Video
6/1/241 pmvs. ChicagoNBA TV
6/2/247 pm@ New YorkNBA TV
6/7/247:30 pm@ WashingtonION
6/10/247 pm@ ConnecticutNBA TV
6/13/247 pmvs. Atlanta
6/16/2412 pmvs. ChicagoCBS
6/19/247 pmvs. WashingtonNBA TV
6/21/247:30 pm@ AtlantaION
6/23/246 pm@ ChicagoNBA TV
6/27/2410 pm@ SeattlePrime Video
6/30/243 pm@ PhoenixESPN
7/2/249:30 pm@ Las VegasESPN
7/6/241 pmvs. New YorkCBS
7/10/2412 pmvs. WashingtonNBA TV
7/12/247:30 pmvs. PhoenixION
7/14/244 pm@ MinnesotaESPN
7/17/247:30 pm@ DallasESPN
8/16/247:30 pmvs. PhoenixION
8/18/243:30 pmvs. SeattleABC
8/24/248 pm@ MinnesotaNBA TV
8/26/247:30 pm@ AtlantaNBA TV
8/28/247 pmvs. ConnecticutNBA TV
8/30/247:30 pmat ChicagoION
9/1/244 pm@ DallasNBA TV
9/4/247 pmvs. Los AngelesCBS Sports Network
9/6/247:30 pmvs. MinnesotaION
9/8/244 pmvs. Atlanta
9/11/247 pmvs. Las VegasNBA TV
9/13/247:30 pmvs. Las VegasION
9/15/243 pmvs. Dallas
9/19/247 pm@ WashingtonPrime Video

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