Remember “Ding Dong Ditch?” When kids would ring your doorbell and take off running before you get to the door? It would be even worse if your neighbor was doing it to you, right? One such ‘neighbor’ in England has been knocking on a man’s door for the past FIVE SUMMERS, sometimes up to three hours per day.

His name is Cedric. He’s a swan. He doesn’t do any damage to the door, but just irritates the 70-year-old homeowner by rattling the metal slot for the mail, and relentlessly bashes its beak against the door.

According The Metro UK, sometimes Cedric just knocks once or twice and waddles away, but other times, he'll knock and rattle for UP TO THREE HOURS. 

The man said that he’s previously contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who suggested the swan is “trying to scrape insects off the glass and metal.”

The RSPCA suspects people have been feeding the swan from their front doors, which is why Cedric has been hanging around so much.


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