With the novel coronavirus expected to peak in Iowa during the next two to three weeks, Black Hawk County officials are being proactive in their attempt to determine local childcare needs during the pandemic.

Area schools, community organizations, and employers are mobilizing to support medical personnel and first responders. They want to ensure the local healthcare system is strong and able to respond to the emerging issue of COVID-19.

The Black Hawk County COVID-19 Childcare Response Team is asking residents to complete a form in an effort to identify the current and anticipated childcare needs of ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL. Those vital workers include: hospital staff, healthcare providers, direct care staff (i.e. nursing homes, etc), government personnel essential to infrastructure (public safety, public health, child protection services, etc), emergency responders, and employees in food supply (grocery, restaurant, etc).

Anyone who currently has, or could have childcare needs in the coming weeks, is asked to complete the survey by clicking on the link below.

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