I can't believe I am saying this but masks are the new normal nowadays. I mean think about it, in 2019 if you saw someone with a mask on you probably would have judged them for it. Now if you see someone without a mask on, people are judging them for it and thinking they will get sick. However did you ever think putting on a mask would make you more attractive?

According to a small study done at two universities in Pennsylvania, people who were considered unattractive without masks become more attractive with a mask on. What they did was have 500 participants in the study rank 60 faces of attractiveness. They would show them these faces with and without masks and have the participants rank them at "attractive, average, or unattractive." What they found was that when adding the masks, those who were considered "unattractive" before saw an increase of 42 percent in the average rating of attractiveness.

The thought is because most people see the eyes as the focal point of attractiveness, it zeroes in on this aspect and changes the results. So I guess what they are saying is that if you are in the dating pool in 2020, put on a mask for your dating app pic or when you go out because you may become more attractive.

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