An antique tractor part dealer is being cited for illegally burning old tractor tires.

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Jerry Everitt from Strawberry Point has been illegally burning tires on his land up until someone reported him in March, says an article in Iowa Capital Dispatch. An investigator from the DNR told Iowa Capital Dispatch that Everitt seemed to not know that you are not supposed to be burning tires.

The Volga Fire Department responded to a report of a fire with black smoke on March 7th. Upon arrival, firefighters extinguished three piles of burning tires.

According to the DNR, openly burning tires is prohibited by Iowa law. Improperly disposing of waste tires can result in penalties of up to $10,000.

Open burning tires can release hazardous components and toxic gasses that can cause health hazards as well as contaminate the soil and groundwater. They are also difficult to put out once started.

There are also limits to the number of waste tires a person can store- no more than the equivalent of 500 passenger cars.

DNR officers estimate that Everitt had too many tires – however, the precise number he had was not determined.

According to Iowa Capital Dispatch, Everitt would burn tires once each year around March- after a snowfall, and when the wind was blowing in a direction that wouldn’t spread the flames.

According to the DNR,  due to his cooperation, Everitt will not be paying a fine for burning the tires as long as he disposes of the remaining tires on his property.

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