While Chester Bennington is primarily known for his work in Linkin Park, he also spent a period fronting Stone Temple Pilots, one of his favorite acts growing up. Even before he joined the band in 2013, Bennington kept a close association with the group and it's the rare performance collaboration on the song "Wonderful" featuring Bennington with then STP singer Scott Weiland that bassist Robert DeLeo posted in tribute.

The video features still shots of both musicians along with the live audio. It's a melodic track that feels all the more somber knowing that both the great talents of Weiland and Bennington are gone and hearing their voices blend also reveals what a great choice Bennington was after the band split with Weiland.

Stone Temple Pilots also posted a photo of Bennington relaxing in a rocking chair, fingers on the fret board of a guitar he had picked up, likely during one of his sessions with the band. The message that accompanied it reads as follows:

It is a sad day today to know that so many of us will no longer share in your laughter, friendship and love. You showed us time and time again what it is to be an incredible human being. A beacon of light and hope is what you will always be to us. We love you Chester. We will miss you.

Bennington made his "official" debut with Stone Temple Pilots during a surprise appearance at the KROQ Weenie Roast in 2013, issuing the eventual chart-topping song "Out of Time" and going on to release the High Rise EP. "I grew up listening to these guys. When this opportunity came up, it was just like a no-brainer,” said Bennington upon joining the group.

Though there was plenty of touring and time spent in the studio, the band was never able to follow through on a full-length album featuring Bennington, and in the fall of 2015 the singer amicably exited the band, citing the difficulty of balancing both bands and family life. However, even after his exit, Bennington would play a one-off benefit gig with the band while the search for their next singer continued.

In addition, Jamie Weiland, the widow of Scott Weiland, also offered her condolences on the loss of Bennington to his family. See the post below.

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