It's been slightly over one week, and it's still not known who was driving the vehicle in a hit-and-run incident that killed a northeast Iowa teenager.

Kaiden Estling, 14, of Maynard, had been riding his blue moped on Iowa Highway 150 late in the evening on June 28, when he was struck by a vehicle about two miles south of Fayette. The vehicle then left the scene.

Estling was found in a nearby ditch. Despite lifesaving procedures, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Fayette County sheriff's officials are asking the public for any information on the incident. There is no description of the suspect vehicle, but residents should look for a vehicle with some recent damage.

Estling's funeral was last week at West Central High school in Maynard, where he was going to begin his freshman year.

A GoFundMe page for Estling's family has been established.

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