If you have been driving down 380 you may have seen what I liked to call "The farting deer." It always gave me a laugh when I saw it. Sadly, it looks like either a good Samaritan or someone doing their job cleaned up the sign.

For the record, I don't support vandalism.

Man was this funny though. It was just one sign on 380. Whoever did it just wanted to put a little cloud behind the deer, and boy was it funny! Here is what it basically looked like:

Source: Jake Truemper townsquare media
Source: Jake Truemper townsquare media

Again it is just a goofy addition to a sign warning us about deer crossings.

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I also understand why someone would clean it as well though. signs like these are important, and help keep us safe, and vigilant. I just think that little cloud helps us notice it a bit better.

Here is what the sign looks like now:

Source: Jake Truemper Townsquare Media
Source: Jake Truemper Townsquare Media

Back to being a normal sign we see all over Iowa. Again, Vandalism is never good, but at least this prankster used something that could be washed off. Who knows maybe the rain cleaned off? All I know is that if that cloud was to show up again, I wouldn't be mad.

What do you think about this prank was it funny, or was it just plain vandalism. Would you laugh at this dumb joke as I did? Let us know on the K92.3 App now.

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