A response a Canadian man gave for going 90.

You owe it to yourself to go out drinking with off duty officers. They have the best stories. The show Cops or Live PD will show you a glimpse at what it's like to join an officer on their daily routine, but every officer has at least one monumental story.

When I was in college, a police dispatcher came and spoke to one of my communications classes and we asked her what was the most outrageous call she ever received. She said that she had gotten a call from a lady concerned that her daughter had swallowed some ants. Knowing that's not a big deal, the dispatcher told her that her daughter can just take some Tylenol and to drink a bunch of water. The mom responded, "I just had her drink some ant killer." The dispatcher said, "RUSH HER TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!"

But this officer has a great story for himself. This Canadian police officer pulled over a guy going 90 miles per hour. The officer asked for the man's explanation and he said that he couldn't help it. Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart" was on the radio. It pumped up the guy's adrenaline so much that he kickstarted his engine. The cop knew he was telling the truth because the cop was listening to the same station. Even though they share the same taste in music, the officer still gave him a $482 ticket.

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