One of my biggest pet peeves is when you're driving behind someone and you see them throw trash out their car window. Ugh, it's aggravating.  I just want to yell "the world is not your dumpster!" 

According to the Keep Iowa Beautiful website, plastic bags take 500-1000 years to decompose. Aluminum cans? 200 years. What's worse? Glass bottles, 1 to 2 MILLION years. So when they say, "today's litter is tomorrow's problem", they're not lying.

Now, that I've given all the polluters out there a sufficient guilt trip. It's time to show your civic pride and take part in the Keep Iowa Beautiful "Pick-up Iowa" program.  It's time to get organized with community and civic associations, schools, church groups, clubs, neighborhoods, families, businesses, or scouts and participate in this state-wide effort .

"Your community may participate by cleaning up litter and trash along Iowa's roadsides, neighborhoods, streets, school grounds, parks and streams," said Kevin Techau, Keep Iowa Beautiful Executive Director.

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Here in the Cedar Valley, some events are already planned. The city of Cedar Falls has set "Earth Week",  April 19th through the 24th, for a city-wide clean-up effort. They encourage you to organize neighborhood clean-up activities or adopt a Cedar Falls location. Plus, Black Hawk county will hold their annual Household and Hazardous Waste & Electronics drop-off event is set for Saturday, April 24th.

Pick-Up Iowa will be held starting this Friday, March 26th through June 30th, 2021 on any dates that work for your organization. Registered participant groups are eligible for a limited supply of free cleanup supplies such as bags, grabbers, safety vests and gloves donated by Keep Iowa Beautiful. To participate, register your group/organization by clicking here.

Courtesy - Keep Iowa Beautiful
Courtesy - Keep Iowa Beautiful

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