The high temps in January weren't anything to get too excited about, and thankfully it didn't get terribly cold...but all that is about to change for the first weekend of February.

In January, the mercury in Waterloo failed to get higher than 40*. On January 13 and 20 the high temperature reached exactly 40* and it never got any warmer than that the entire month. It was the first time in 10 years that a high temperature in January failed to get above 40*. 

On the other side of things, five days in January featured low temperatures below zero. The coldest occurred on 1/28 when it bottomed-out at -13*.

But this weekend, the National Weather Service in Des Moines says that it's going to get VERY COLD:

Dangerously cold wind chills into the -20s to -30s likely at times, especially Sunday and Monday mornings.

The coldest mornings will occur on Sunday 2/7 and Monday 2/8. Here's the current record low temperatures for Waterloo on those dates:

2/7: -18* in 1971
2/8: -27* in 1971

Let's hope that we don't break the record for February 8th. Brrrr. But perhaps the record of -18* on February 7th will fall.

Sunday, February 7th, also has the possibility to break the record for the coldest HIGH Temperature in Waterloo. In 1971, the high temperature only reached -3*. Ouch.

Projected low temperatures on Monday morning. NOTE: This does NOT include the wind chill.

Projected WIND CHILL for Monday Morning:

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