It's the time of the year to be worrying about if you're on the "naughty or nice" list...and it sounds like a lot of you are in trouble with Santa!

Pornhub just released their year in review. Here's some stats about how much porn we all watched this year. I much porn YOU all watched this year. (lol)

Here are five highlights . . .

1. Pornhub averaged 92 MILLION visitors per day, and had a total of FIVE BILLION more views than last year. And the most visits BY FAR were from...drum roll nevermind, no drum roll needed...we all know it was the good ole U.S. of A.!!!

2. Americans spend an average of 10 minutes and 37 seconds on the site. That's the third-highest of any country in the world, only behind the Philippines and South Africa. We got stamina, baby. But #3 is NOT good enough...we're the United States of America...try harder! (pun intended)

3. Approximately one million hours of new porn was uploaded to the site this year. The adult film industry is apparently alive and throbbing...I mean thriving.

4. Pornhub transferred 4,403 petabytes of data this year. Each petabyte is a million gigabytes. To put that in perspective, 4,403 petabytes is more data than the ENTIRE INTERNET transferred in 2002.

5. 28% of the visitors to Pornhub in the U.S. this year were WOMEN. That's up 3% from last year.

So, I think we all know what Americans are doing on these long, cold winter long as the internet doesn't go down. (no pun intended)

Here's the study with way more info.

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