The National Weather Service has confirmed that a small tornado touched down in Fayette County earlier this week.

After surveying storm damage on Wednesday (June 24, 2015), National Weather Service (NWS) officials said a line of strong to severe thunderstorms that moved across Northeast Iowa Monday morning spawned an EF1 tornado in Fayette County, with winds estimated to be 100 to 110 miles per hour.

According to NWS, the twister touched down four miles southeast of Maynard and was on the ground for nearly six miles before lifting two miles southwest of Arlington. The tornado was about 50-yards wide.

Surveyors said the tornado mainly damaged crops, trees, and farm buildings. However, it moved a house off its foundation near Maynard, trapping an elderly couple inside. The man and woman were both rescued. She suffered two broken hips and remains hospitalized.

The National Weather Service also surveyed storm damage in Clayton County, but couldn't confirm the destruction there was caused by a tornado. According to the survey team's report, storm damage near Garber appears to have been caused by straight-line wind. They said most of the destruction relates to winds in the 60- to 80-mph range, but peak winds may have exceeded 100 mph at times.

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