One of the most frustrating errand to run is taking a trip to the DMV. Well, it turns out that there are some changes coming to the Waterloo Driver's License Service Center.

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The Waterloo Driver's License Service Center has been in its old location since the late 1980's or early 1990's. For decades, the Crossroads Mall has been the place to go for Cedar Valley residents looking to get a driver's license or renew it.

According to a statement from the Iowa Department of Transportation, this new location is offering customers a more easily accessible facility to conduct driver's license business.

The old location at the Crossroads Mall closed its doors for the final time on Friday, July 23rd. This was to allow staff some time to move equipment to the new spot.

Elwin Huffman
Elwin Huffman

Now, if you are either getting a new driver's license or hoping to get it renewed, you'll have to go somewhere else. This new location will open Tuesday, July 27th, and will resume business as usual. The new home of the Waterloo Driver's License Service Center is now at 2060 Sovia Drive, Suite #116.

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This is not the only change to locals' driving habits. In addition to this change in the Driver's License Service Center's location, drivers now have to be a bit more careful when on the road because they might be caught on camera.

As previously reported, there are currently six Automated Traffic Enforcement cameras that will soon be or are already in operation in Waterloo. The new traffic cameras will be located on the following intersections:


  • Ansborough Avenue and West Ridgeway Avenue
  • Franklin Street and East 5th Street (Southbound)
  • Franklin Street and East 6th Street (Northbound)
  • Mitchell Avenue and Washington Street/U.S. Highway 218
  • San Marnan Drive and La Porte Road
  • U.S. Highway 218 and Broadway Street

To schedule an appointment at the new driver's license service center in Waterloo go here.

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