Florida is the home to 59 unique species of spiders….wait, add one more to that tally.

The 60th unique species to call Florida ‘home’ is the Pine Rockland trapdoor spider. It was actually first documented in 2012 but is now officially being recognized as a new species.

A trapdoor spider hides out in a burrow and waits for prey to come along before darting out of its home and attacks its prey with venom. Would its bite hurt humans? Apparently, it’s comparable to a bee sting. Fun!

According to a report in The Daily Mail, a female Pine Rockland spider can live UP TO 20 YEARS. The male takes up to seven years to mature before it ventures out of its burrow to mate and then dies.

How big are they? With legs extended a male Pine Rockland spider is about the size of a quarter while the female can be two to three times larger.

Do any venomous spiders reside in Iowa? According to the Iowa DNR, venomous spiders are rare in our state. The brown recluse spider’s range can reach southern Iowa, but they are rarely seen. The Southern Black Widow can also be found in Iowa.


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