If you thought proposing to your significant other on the "jumbotron" at a baseball game is embarrassing...check this out...

There's a new contest going on for a unique, first-of-its-kind proposal opportunity. The winner of the contest will get to propose to their significant other on...YouPorn.

Don't act live you never heard of it...yes, the porn site. Whoever wins will get to propose on a video...which will then play on YouPorn for 24 hours straight, quote, "in front of 20 million users." They're calling it the, quote, "first ever proposal to go down on a porn site." It's not exactly clear on what exactly you'll be doing on the video...besides proposing. I guess that's left up to your imagination!

If you're interested, you'll need to write a one-paragraph essay on why you should be the couple for the YouPorn proposal. Ummm....Good luck?

For more info and the link, check out this AskMen article.

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