Ain't no laws when you're drinkin....claws? While that might be a popular saying for some hard seltzer drinking fans, in this context, it means something completely different. Red Lobster is debuting their brand new Bloody Mary, complete with Tito's vodka, jumbo shrimp, a cheddar bay biscuit, green olive, a lime wedge and a lobster claw. You read that correctly.

New Year's Day after all, is national hangover day and what better way to celebrate than with the "cure" for such a sickness. Red Lobster began this promo drink yesterday and will continue it all throughout the month of January into February 2nd. The real question however, still remains. How are you going to devour that biscuit? Weather you drink that bad boy or take it out and go for the more traditional, "dip and dunk" routine is up to you.

After all, we'll be right along side you with a bottle of ibuprofen and a dark pair of shades. The toolkit of a successful night. Read the full story here.

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