The unsung sung Christmas songs.

Even has much of a traditionalist as I am, (I like my pool tables green, I open presents Christmas Day, and I still write in cursive) I am pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas songs.

My Top 5 Christmas Songs are pretty traditional because Christmas is a great holiday and it feel ruined when its so over done by commercialism, pressure, and the worst thing about Christmas, Black Friday. But it doesn't mean I'm an uptight fun-hater either. I can handle non-traditional Christmas songs and a lot of them are quite good. I just prefer the classics to other Christmas songs to truly get me into the Christmas spirit, but here are the Top 5 funny/silly songs that I really like.

***No, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer is not on this list. I'd rather get run over by a reindeer than hear that song again.***

5. Santa vs Moses - Epic Rap Battles of History

The Epic Rap Battles of History is a really fun rabbit hole to go down. The lyrics and the ball busting are pretty good. They clearly research all that goes down with these historical figures and while this isn't really a Christmas song, I'm going to count it.

4. Father Christmas - The Kinks

The song is just a pretty good toe-tapping song. I'm not going to advocate beating up Santa, but the song is good. I just like it.

3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer - DMX

She prints off the lyrics and when say, "I know lyrics!" I can't stop laughing. His beat is pretty good and love how he closes it with a, "WHAT!"

2. I Won't Be Home For Christmas -  Blink 182

I don't blame them. I would have no idea what to do if carolers came to my house. It sounds like it would be a nightmare to have to sit through. "Just leave the presents and then leave me alone."

1. Christmas Song Marathon - Jesus and Santa (With "Duran Duran"'s Rio) (South Park)

There is a whole story arch here in just over 3 minutes. Santa gets upset and even though he swears at Jesus, he calmly forgives him just like you'd think he would. Plus throwing in Rio by "Duran Duran" is just a funny touch and the call back to it at the end is great!

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