As people get into the summer travel season, many of us will make the decision to head out to check out some of the most beautiful places in the country. The best place to see the most beautiful sights are, of course, at some of the National Parks. You can see mountains, rivers, valleys, and of course, wild life.

The one thing everyone wants to see that they usually can't at home is bears, but seeing them the smart way is the safe way.

National Park Service issued a reminder on their Facebook page of some safe practices in sighting bears. One of them is one we've all thought and joked of, but they wanted to make clear that we should never push one of our friends on the heavier or slower running side down to distract the bear so we can get away.

Some other tips they gave include:

  • Don't play dead. Bears can sense if you're overdoing it.
  • Don't run, shout, or make any other sudden movements.
  • Walk, don't run. Bears eat elk calves all the time.
  • Slowly put distance between yourself and the bear.
  • Get your bear spray ready and un-holstered.
  • Don't climb a tree, because bears can climb trees.

If the bear you come across slaps the ground with its paws, sticks out its lips, or makes any other weird noises, that means it's not comfortable with you being around and you need to get away.

Stay safe out there this travel season, and don't get bit by a bear.

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