Once sports and events started coming back we saw that they would have attendance limits. Some were a quarter capacity others were half or sometimes higher depending on the location. Almost all had social distancing.

Some locations are now having these limits lifted.

Just last week after the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people can resume all normal activities they did prior to the pandemic, Major and Minor League Baseball announced that fans would no longer be required to wear a mask inside stadiums. This included The River Bandits here in the Quad Cities. They stated,

Under new guidelines from Major League Baseball (MLB), the Quad Cities River Bandits have updated health and safety policies related to fan attendance and have eliminated the “buffer zone” between ballpark seating and the playing surface. Now, every seat in the ballpark can be sold, effective immediately.

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It seems as though attendance limits are the next thing to start being lifted. According to KWQC, attendance limits were removed for this week’s Iowa High School State Track & Field Meet.

Following updated public health guidance, attendance limitations have been removed for this week’s Iowa High School State Track & Field meet at Drake Stadium Des Moines.

As of now The three day event will be open to all interested spectators who would like to see this event. It runs Thursday to Saturday. Tickets are on sale now.

It appears that this trend will most likely carry into other outdoors sports events this Summer.

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Hotel Davenport Demolition

The Hotel Davenport is located at 5202 Brady St. and was reportedly built in the early 1970s. Earlier this year it was decided that this hotel was no longer set to have guests.

According to the Quad Cities times, the Davenport hotel has faced a number of fires, along with safety and health code violations. This has led to the call for its demolition. I've driven past it many times and have seen that the building had clearly began to deteriorate.

It was scheduled for demolition earlier this year, and said demolition began in April. Many involved in this project are excited to see what the future holds for this lot in Davenport.

I drive past this spot every day for work, and over the last month have snagged some pictures of the demolition.

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