'A Christmas Story' remains one of our most beloved holiday movies. We all have our favorite scenes and can quote lines from the film. You may even have a replica leg lamp on display somewhere in your house for the holidays. It turns out the house the movie was filmed in is up for sale again.

The fictional home that Ralphie grew up in is actually in the Tremont neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, according to KCCI. And as of just a few days ago, the property was listed for sale. What exactly do you get along with the home from most people's favorite Christmas movie? KCCI reports that the sale not only includes the house, but also includes the neighboring museum, a gift shop, and a neighbor's house.

The home was purchased by the current owner on eBay back in 2004. After years of renovations, it began welcoming tours in 2006 and has hosted over 1 million fans, according to KCCI. Now just because the property is up for sale doesn't mean it isn't open for business. Tours of the home will continue from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily with holiday hours starting up next week. You can even book an overnight stay in the home! Save up though, as it runs for nearly $900 a night!

YouTube via WKYC
YouTube via WKYC

No word on just how much the entire property is selling for, but interested parties can send inquiries to forsale@achristmasstoryhouse.com. Go ahead and make a bid...we triple dog dare ya!

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