Mick Jagger has tested positive for COVID-19, which has led the Rolling Stones to cancel their concert in Amsterdam tonight.

"The Rolling Stones are deeply sorry for tonight's postponement, but the safety of the audience, fellow musicians and the touring crew has to take priority," the band tweeted, explaining that Jagger had started experiencing symptoms after arriving at the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

"We aim to reschedule the date ASAP and get back as soon as we can," Jagger tweeted on his account. "Thank you all for your patience and understanding."

The Rolling Stones have played only three dates on their Sixty Tour: Madrid, Munich and Liverpool. Their next show is scheduled for June 17 in Bern, Switzerland.

The death of drummer Charlie Watts last year placed the future of the Stones' touring schedule up in the air, even though band members have assured fans they plan to continue performing live.

"I just keep going and by now, both my body and mind is attuned to going on the road," Keith Richards told Rolling Stone UK earlier this year. "The year we didn’t go on the road, I just felt terrible. It’s what I do and I still love it. I wouldn’t know what else to do without this and it still fascinates me, playing with these guys and what goes into putting a band together, what makes it work. It’s a fascinating subject and I see no reason to quit at the moment. You can’t quit the Stones!"

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