Michael Andretti has won a couple of Guinness World Records and it was a piece of cake --- literally.

He was behind the wheel of a car made of cake and hit a top speed of 17.08 mph and covered just under 350 feet to set both top speed and distance-covered records for edible vehicles.

The previous record of 10.68 MPH was set in 2012

Andretti’s ‘Cake-Car’ was built from 139 vanilla sheet cakes with buttercream frosting. The cockpit’s height was 12 layer of cake tall, with an additional 5 layers of cake in the rear and the seats were made from Crispy Rice & Marshmallow treats. Everything on the outside of the car was edible, including the images and details.

To celebrate the achievement, he ate some of the car.

I'm used to driving cake into my mouth using my hands and utensils, but he literally drove cake...and then ate it.

Over 500 pounds of cake were donated to a local organization serving the hungry and homeless.

Over 90% of the 669-pound Cake Car was edible --- as required by the rules.

This stunt was to promote the grand opening of a new six-story parking garage featuring more than 2,700 spaces in Ridgefield, Washington.

The world record was set on November 18, 2020, in Ridgefield, Washington.

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