'Tis the season for MAYFLIES!

A mayfly hatch in La Crosse, WI, was so big that it was picked up on weather radar around the Mississippi River.


MINNESOTA: The power was out Saturday, July 27, for about two hours due to the mayfly hatch which caused problems the Minnesota Power hydro plant in Little Falls.

About 1,400 residents were affected. Officials said that the mayflies were 2 feet deep on the Mississippi River bridge.

It was even worse in Cleveland, OH:

Credit: Phil Stepanian via Twitter

According to the National Weather Service the life cycle of a mayfly starts out as a larva that resides on river or lake bottoms. After three months to two years, depending on the species, they emerge as winged adults and fly in swarms to mate. Once they emerge, they only live for a few minutes to a few days, depending on the species.

The adults are often attracted by lights and can fly several miles.

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