A guy from the Quad Cities -- with a loooooong criminal history --crashed his pickup into a ditch while driving drunk and then climbed out of the ditch holding a beer.

The 31-year-old guy was charged with OWI & failure to maintain control. BONUS: he didn’t have insurance or a valid driver’s license.

This happened at 1:30 in the afternoon on Sunday on Hwy 218 near Iowa City.

Witnesses said that he was driving over 100 mph and running cars off the road.

After sideswiping a semi, he crashed into the ditch. Soon after, he climbed out of the ditch holding a beer in his hand.

He had denied driving the pickup but did admit to having a beer and shots with his lunch.

Police said that he had a blood alcohol content of .133.

Since 2006, he has served sentences in the Illinois Department of Corrections or terms in jail for burglary, misuse of a credit card, aggravated fleeing, aggravated battery with a weapon, possession of an open vehicle title, criminal trespass and domestic battery.

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