The"Holy Grail" of findings for Bowie/Stardust fans.

Of course with there being speculations about pretty much anything, there is a lot of doubt to the validity of the video but it sounds like the first appearance of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust has been found.

The BBC is reporting that the original recording of the 1972 performance on a British TV show called Lift Off With Ayshea was gone forever. It was common practice for TV shows to delete old footage and the video had been deleted by a technician after the performance aired. But a fan documented the performance on their home video recorder and that is the video in question. The tape is in pretty fragile condition but is currently being remastered for a documentary called David Bowie: Finding Fame which will air within the next couple months.

Die-hard Bowie fans are calling this found tape the "Holy Grail" of Bowie findings. One month after the performance on Lift Off With Ayshea, Ziggy Stardust performed "Starman" on the British Show Top of the Pops which can be seen below.

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