Raising our daughters, my wife and I have always had a tradition of leaving the porch light on at night until everyone is home safe. It's a custom that can be passed along now to every one during the COVID-19 crisis. Leave the light on...until everyone's home.

An area real estate group is coordinating a "Light the Night campaign" this weekend. Starting Friday and running through Sunday, residents are asked to rally in support of Cedar Valley police and fire departments, doctors, nurses, teachers, truck drivers, restaurant and retail workers, and anyone who is keeping the Cedar Valley and northeast Iowa moving during the COVID-19 crisis.

RE/MAX Home Group's Facebook page invites area residents to turn on their porch light, place a light in the window, light a candle on the sidewalk, or even turn on some holiday lights. Lights should be lit at 8:00pm each evening and all residents are encouraged to show appreciation for our local heroes!

I would take this one step further, when you're posting photos of your lights to social media, make sure to use the hashtag - #LightTheNightCedarValley.

Here's saluting you...the essential workers...our loved ones, our friends...the light is on, until everyone's home safe.

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