Behold the Limo of all Limos. It’s a Learjet that has been transformed into a limousine. It’s 42-feet long and eight-feet wide. The jet’s engines are no longer intact, but instead, located inside the nacelles you’ll find enormous speakers. Wanna guess what the speakers play? Jet engine sounds. Seriously.

If you need to maneuver the Learmousine through a tight squeeze, the tips of the vertical fin fold inward. The engine is a beast -- a 12,000 pound 8.1L Chevrolet Vortec V-8 400 HP that rides on custom 28-inch wheels. It has a top speed of 100 MPH.

The “cockpit” includes bucket seats and four screens for the outside cameras. There’s also controls for all of the effects and controls, including the 17,000-watt sound system that features a 42-inch plasma TV, light panels, and all sorts of speakers inside and out.

With bench seating in the back, the Learmousine can hold up to 18 passengers.

Oh, and if you need a way to haul it around, the auction also comes with a custom 44-foot trailer and a Chevrolet 2500 HD pickup truck. (The truck and trailer was a part of the 2020 failed auction, but the listing for the upcoming auction in May fails to make any mention of whether or not the truck and trailer are still included in the sale

According to, the owner allegedly paid more than $1 million bringing the car to life and at the time, was only willing to part ways with it for a hefty $5 million. Mecum Auctions brought the vehicle to a sales event in June 2020 but it failed to sell, with bidding topping out at $600,000.

The new auction runs running from May 14-22.

In 2009, the Learmousine was featured in an episode of Ridiculous Rides.




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