Music streaming continues to grow in popularity, but the inherent issues of proper compensation for artists still remain. During an appearance speaking with Yahoo! Finance, KISS' Paul Stanley addressed the streaming debate and how he feels that it's mostly unfair to the musicians putting their works out of there for consumption.

"I think it's still the Wild West, and I think that overall, for the most part, it's unfair to the musicians. Because the musicians, as anybody who's a laborer, should be able to set their fee, and then you either buy it or you don't," stated Stanley. "The whole way this started with streaming was, basically, 'We'll pay you X, or we won't pay you anything.' So it's as though someone would come in and paint your house and then you would dictate how much they get. The premise of it is wrong. So, whatever it evolves into, it's just founded on something that I find really wrong."

Stanley thankfully started in an era where musicians were more properly compensated for their works, but still is willing to speak out for the musicians who are entering a different world in which things operate.

"I don't worry about me — luckily, my rent's paid, and then some — but there are young people who are making music who may be very idealistic now and say money is not the motivation, but when you need to pay the rent, it will be the motivation," explains the singer.

KISS are in the midst of the "End of the Road" tour, with all dates scheduled for the run found at this location. Stanley is also making the press rounds promoting his new book, Backstage Pass, which can be purchased here. See more of Paul Stanley's chat with Yahoo Finance in the player below.

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