I've always said, drinking beer is actually GOOD for you, and now, here's scientific proof...

If you need an excuse to toss back a few cold ones this weekend, here are four ways beer might actually be good for you . . .

1. It reduces the risk of kidney stones. A recent study found one beer a day can lower your risk by 41%.

2. It can help replenish you after a workout. The carbs in the beer are good after you've just burned a bunch of calories. And studies have found it might be better than water when you're dehydrated.

3. It's good for your bones. A study at the University of Texas found that an occasional beer can actually increase bone density.

4. It might help prevent Alzheimer's disease. The science is still out. But some researchers think trace amounts of aluminum in our body has something to do with Alzheimer's. And a study in Spain found two beers a day can limit its ability to damage your brain.

So, go ahead and enjoy a beer, or two, and if anybody gives you grief about it, just tell them "I'm watching out for my health"! Prost!!

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