Well, it's official... if you go to the polls, or vote absentee in 2020 here in Iowa, you'll be able to cast a vote for rapper Kanye West. He's staying on the Iowa ballot this fall, according to KCCI. The musician faced two objections to be on the ballot, but these were dismissed Monday by the State Objection Panel. The panel is State Auditor Rob Sand, Secretary of State Paul Pate and Attorney General Tom Miller. In August, Kanye West filed the required paperwork to appear on the ballot in Iowa.

You can check out a complete list of candidates on the Iowa ballot for November 3 here. You'll notice there's several other candidates running for President and Vice President as well that aren't from the big two parties.

For Kanye, the news may be good he'll be on the Iowa ballot, but it's not so rosy overall. He cannot mathematically become president this fall because he's not going to be on enough ballots to receive 270 votes in the electoral college. Currently, he’s only on the ballot in 10 U.S. states and could score a total of 70 electoral votes, putting him well short of the magic number. West either did not file, missed the deadline, or his application was denied in 33 states plus Washington D.C.

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